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VME64 / VME64x Analyzer/Exerciser
- Single 6U VME board
- Supports SCT, BLT, MBLT, 2eVME, 2eSST protocols
- Optional Analysis/Stimulus of User Defined P2 and P0 signals
- Choice of 96 or 160 pin P1/P2 connectors

Analyze Bus Activity
- State Analysis up to 100 Mhz
- Timing Analysis up to 400 Mhz
- Complex Triggering and Filtering
- Time Stamping
- Performance Analysis of Bus Utilization,
  Transfer Rates, Statistics

Exercise Bus Activity
- Master Transfers
- Stimulus Generation
- Fault Injection and Timing Modification
- CR/CSR Scan and Decode
- Backplane Short Test

Slave Memory
- Windowed VME bus memory
Protocol and Timing Violation Checker
- Detects over 100 timing and protocol violations
- Displayed and Used as Trigger in
  State/Timing Analysis

P2 Analysis of User Defined Signals
- 160 pin connector - row a,c,d,z
- Optional plug-in module

P0 Analysis of User Defined Signals
- 95 pin connector – row a,b,c,d,e
- Optional plug-in module

- RS232

Other Features
- External Power Connection
- External Trigger Inputs and Output
- Extensive Self Test
- Front Panel Reset and LED Indicators

Software User Interface Packages
- AnalyzeIt! PC GUI Software
- API Library provides User Program Control
Bus Analyzer / Exerciser