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Test Features

Power Supply Test
• Continuously Measures +5V, +12V, -12V    supplies
• Also measures +3.3V, +5VSTBY, VPC,        +/-V1, +/-V2
• Accuracy +/- 10mv
• Displays measured voltages
• Indicates a failure if out of range
• LED monitor of +5V, +12V and –12V supplies

Intrusive Voltage Test
•Detects voltages which may cause       damage to boards
• Measures and displays intrusive voltages
• Alerts user to fix intrusive voltage
• Measurement of +40Vdc to –40Vdc voltages
• Accuracy +/- 40mv

Short Test
• Checks for shorts between signals
• Checks for signal shorts to power and   ground
• Detects resistive shorts and hard shorts
• Displays shorted signal connector pins

Open Test
• Checks for open signals on backplane
• Detects improper terminations
• Identifies missing pullup and pulldown resistors
• Displays signal names and connector pins

Impedance Test
• Checks signals for proper resistive  impedance
• Detects high and low impedance
• Displays out of tolerance signals and  connector pins
• Identifies excessive capacitive signal loads

General Features

• Quickly identifies unsafe and out of specification VME backplanes

• Checks all VME and VME64x signals

• Withstands +40Vdc to –40Vdc on any signal

• Detects high voltages that may damage cards

• Identifies open or shorted signals

• Detects improper terminations

• Checks signal impedance

• Continuously measures power supply voltages

• Power supply LEDs illuminate Green if within spec or Red for out of spec

• All tests and results are displayed on a 24 character alphanumeric LED display

• Tests are initiated and results are read using front panel switches

• Signal names and connector pin assignments are identified during and after testing

• Choice of quick or comprehensive tests

• Results are stored for review

• Tests both powered and un-powered backplanes

• Works with other boards in backplane

• Hot Swap capable

• Operates on backplane or external power

• Feature upgrades through JTAG interface

• Low power consumption
VME Bus Tester