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Mid-bus Probes
New!  PCI Express Serial Protocol Analyzers

Finally a powerful, flexible and affordable product for PCI Express bus analysis. The PCIE850 analyzes, exercisers and emulates an endpoint to provide a complete test and debug solution. Interposers for PCI card slots, AMC, XMC and VPX systems for up to 16 lanes as well as mid bus probes and flying leads are available. The PCI850 supports both Gen 1 and Gen 2 link speeds.

Bus Analyzers for PCI, PMC, CompactPCI and VME

Our bus analyzers are powerful diagnostic tools used in the design, development, integration, test and support of PCI, PMC, CompactPCI and VME computer systems. All of our bus analyzers are single plug-in boards that capture and stimulate bus activity Simply plug the bus analyzer into an empty bus slot, connect an RS232 or USB cable between the bus analyzer and a PC and you're ready to go